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IBBI provides quality insurance coverage for independent beauty industry professionals, with reliable, affordable insurance plans to fit your budget. Coverage is available for many different professions.

Independent contractors need to protect themselves from potential losses that can result from accidents, fires, theft and catastrophic events. IBBI offers plans providing liability protection for independent contractors. Our independent contractor insurance coverage follows you wherever you work, so you are always protected when on the job.

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International Beauty Brokerage Inc. offers affordable, quality insurance coverage for the Beauty Salon industry. Whether your Beauty Salon provides Facials, Peels, Microdermabrasion, Electrolysis, Body Wraps, or most other various services, IBBI will tailor a policy to fit your business's needs. It is important for Beauty Salons to cover the services they provide to protect themselves against any unfortunate claim that may arise. This is where International Beauty Brokerage Inc. comes in.

Our exclusive Beauty Insurance coverages are the most comprehensive in the Industry. There are few Beauty Salon Insurance programs that can match the services we offer.


  • Esthetician Insurance
  • Facial Insurance
  • Peels Insurance
  • Microdermabrasion Insurance
  • Needling / Collagen Induction Therapy
  • Body Contouring / Cellulite Reduction
  • Electrolysis Insurance
  • LED/Microcurrent Insurance
  • Body Wrap Insurance
  • Massage Insurance
  • Eyelash Enhancement Insurance
  • Foot Detoxification Insurance
  • Eyebrow Enhancement Insurance
  • Airbrush Tanning Insurance
  • Tanning Salon Insurance
  • Hair Salon Insurance
  • Nail Salon Insurance
  • Hydro Massage Insurance
  • Wax Removal Insurance
  • Sauna (including infrared)
  • Spa Insurance
  • Workers Comp (in most states)
  • Cyber Protection

Coverage for business property is available in most states. Beauty Salon Insurance is available for an individual technician or the entire facility. Day Spa Insurance provides a complete package to cover all or part of the services being offered.

For over 50 years IBBI has been offering insurance to the beauty industry. We have always kept current with the new trends and procedures. For instance we offer permanent cosmetic coverage in beauty salons, Brazilian waxing insurance,  infrared sauna insurance in beauty salons, just to name a few. If coverage is needed for a new procedure or the beauty salon or day spa has a unique exposure situation or other insurance issues, contact us. Our program can be designed to meet the unique needs of today's ever changing day spa or beauty salon.

Download the Small Beauty Salon (8 or less operators) Application
Download the Large Beauty Salon (9 or more operators) Application

General and personal liability insurance you take with you where ever you go. This is the convenience and peace of mind you need with your insurance company. IBBI specializes in independent contractor insurance for Massage Therapists. Our insurance covers you regardless if you are employed at a spa, a physical therapist, or personal massage consultant that goes to customers' homes.

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Manicurists can save thousands of dollars by obtaining a Manicurist Insurance Policy. For a low annual premium, you can cover yourself in case of any accidents that may happen. International Beauty can offer this type of protection with flexible payment plans.

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As a Hair Stylist of Barber, you’ve worked hard to build your clientele and International Beauty Brokerage is able to provide you with affordable insurance coverage to help save you thousands of dollars in the event of an accident. We work hard to understand the needs of each individual and provide them with a custom policy to tailor to their needs.

Our Hair Stylist and Barber policies can even include property coverage for your expensive tools. International Beauty Brokerage understand the tools Hair Stylists and Barbers use are not cheap and could be very costly to replace if they were damaged or stolen.

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Aestheticians can rely on International Beauty Brokerage to provide customized affordable insurance. We can over you in a salon, spa, hotel or home.

International Beauty Brokerage can offer coverage for the many types of services Aestheticians offer from facials, non-medical grade peels, medical grade peels, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, electrology, LED/Microcurrent and medical radio frequency machine. We can even offer coverage for your machines for the un-foreseeable events where your machines get damaged or stolen.

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  • Permanent Cosmetics Insurance for Eyes, Brows, and Lips
  • Nipple Areola Insurance
  • Camouflage Insurance
  • Cheek Blush Insurance
  • Permanent Cosmetic Teachers (no per student charge)
  • Pigment Removal Insurance
  • Needling / Collagen Induction Therapy
  • Landlords
  • Workers Comp (in most states)
  • Cyber Protection

International Beauty Brokerage, Inc. has been providing Permanent Cosmetic Insurance and Permanent Makeup Insurance since 1993. Our specialized permanent makeup insurance programs are among the most comprehensive in the permanent makeup industry.

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International Beauty Brokerage, Inc.  provides Tattoo Insurance and Piercing Insurance for Professionals in the Body Art Industry. Whether your business provides Tattooing, Body Piercing services, or Permanent Cosmetics, IBBI will tailor a policy to fit your needs. It is important for Tattoo Shops, Piercers, and Permanent Cosmetics professionals to have coverage for services they provide so they can protect themselves against an unfortunate claim that might arise. This is where International Beauty Brokerage, Inc. comes in.


  • Tattoo Parlor Insurance including all Artists
  • Tattoo Artist Insurance - as Independent Contractors
  • Professional Liability Insurance for Tattoo/Body Piercing Shops
  • General Liability Insurance for Tattoo/Body Piercing Shops
  • Minor Tattooing Insurance
  • Guest Artist Insurance
  • Mobile Units - including General Liability
  • Coverage at Conventions
  • Tattoo and Body Piercing Supply Distributors
  • Body Piercing Insurance
  • Permanent Cosmetics Insurance - Eyeliner, Brows, Lips
  • Camouflage Insurance
  • Pigment lightening/removal Insurance
  • Communicable Disease Insurance
  • Sexual Abuse Insurance
  • Apprenticeship Program Insurance
  • MCA/Needling Insurance
  • Landlords
  • Property Insurance
  • Workers Comp
  • Cyber Protection

Since IBBI has almost 20 years of experience providing insurance coverage for the Tattoo, Body Piercing, and Permanent Cosmetics, we will be glad to talk to you about your unique insurance coverage needs. We have worked continuously with insurance industry leaders, brokers, and associations to develop coverages that recognize the specialty nature of these businesses and professionals.

We also insure industries such as Laser / IPL Centers, Medical Spas, Medical Directors, Weight Loss Centers, Products Liability including private label, Day Spas, Beauty Services and Translators & Interpreters. Check inside for applications and other information and let IBBI help you insure your business today. There are no other insurance programs like ours in America.

Download the Tattoo Application
Primary and Excess Products Liability coverage for manufacturers, importers, exporters, distributors and private label risks.

  • Animal Supplements
  • Private Label Risks
  • Beauty Products
  • Vitamins and Nutraceuticals
  • Tattoo Equipment and Supplies
  • Robotics
  • Make-up and Skin Care
  • Body Piercing Jewelry and Supplies
  • Adult Novelty Items
  • Electronic Cigarettes
  • Vaping and Hookah Devices, including E-Juice
  • Medical Devices

Primary liability limits start at $1,000,000 and up to $10,000,000 may be available on certain products.


  • Laser / IPL Hair Removal Insurance
  • Laser / IPL Professional Insurance (which includes Photo Facials, Age/Sun Spots, Veins, Acne Reduction, Rosacea, Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Tightening, Wrinkle Reduction)
  • Cellulite Reduction Insurance with cold level lasers or class III & IV lasers
  • Radio Frequency Insurance including Thermage
  • Ultrasound / Laser Assisted Lipolysis Insurance (can include fat transfers)
  • Laser Fungus Removal
  • Wart / Skin Tag Removal
  • Laser Tattoo Removal Insurance
  • Ablative & Non-Ablative Laser Work
  • CO2 Fractional Laser Insurance
  • Laser Smoking Cessation Insurance
  • Laser Acupuncture Insurance
  • Laser Allergy Relief Insurance
  • Pain Management Therapy
  • Psoriasis
  • Vitiligo

Insurance Beauty Brokerage, Inc. offers affordable, quality insurance coverage for the dynamic Cosmetic Laser industry. Whether your cosmetic laser facility provides laser hair removal, photofacials, skin rejuvenation, sun and age spots procedures, laser tattoo removal services, or other services, IBBI will tailor a policy to fit your business's needs. It is important for laser facilities to cover the services they provide to protect themselves against any unfortunate claim that may arise. This is where International Beauty Brokerage, Inc. comes in.

Coverage is available for Laser/IPL technicians; Aestheticians (where state law allows it); Nurses, Doctors and MediSpas.

IBBI was founded over 50 years ago to handle proprietary programs for these types of businesses on a nationwide basis. We have worked continuously with the laser industry leaders, brokers, and associations to develop special coverage programs that recognize the unique nature of these specialty businesses. Due to this, we have been very successful in designing a program for laser facilities, Medispas and Medical Directors. Check inside for applications and other information and let IBBI help you insure your business today. There are no other insurance programs like ours in America.

Download the MediSpa Application

Medical Director

Stand alone coverage for all types of Medical Directors is available in all states. Medical Director Insurance is available for direct, in-direct and no patient care. Retroactive coverage is available. No deductibles.

Examples of Medical Director Insurance categories where we have had recent success:

  • Medical Consultants
  • Occupational Therapy Clinics
  • Women's Health Clinics
  • Research Laboratories
  • Prison Systems
  • Medical Directors as required by State Law
  • Colleges, Schools, Universities
  • Large Businesses
  • Medical Spas
  • Long Term Care Facilities
  • Salons/Spas
  • Animal Ranches
  • Medical Directors for Tattoo Businesses
  • Medical Consultants

If you don't see the type of facility listed above contact our office to see if we can consider.

We have written coverage for Medical Directors in many kinds of facilities and are considering new ones every day.

Medical Lab

International Beauty Brokerage Inc. is now offering professional liability coverage (Errors and Omissions) for Medical Laboratories & Clinics.

Our Medical Laboratory Professional Liability Insurance Program is available for:

  • Medical Testing Facilities
  • Imaging Facilities
  • Individual Technicians
  • Doctors
  • Laboratory Technicians
  • Clinical Laboratory Technicians
  • Medical Technicians
  • Medical Lab Technicians

Target organizations include:

  • Pathology Laboratories
  • Clinical Microbiology Laboratories
  • Genetic Laboratories
  • Clinical Biochemistry Laboratories
  • Hematology Laboratories
  • Drug and Alcohol Screening Laboratories
  • Mobile drug/alcohol testing

Coverage can include Medical Directors for their administrative duties and for their direct patient care.

Professional Liability and General Liability on a claims made basis with prior acts is available as needed.

Coverage is available for Clinical Trials and R&D.

Workers Comp is available in most states.

The medical spa industry has been enjoying an explosive growth in both popularity and the number of spas now in operation. This huge growth has led medical spas to now seek insurance for their service needs. Taking into consideration the many services that are provided by Injectables, Weight Loss and Wellness, and Day Spa treatments our Medical Spa coverage is one of the most comprehensive in the industry. We work with industry professionals to understand the risks associated with the many procedures that Medical Spas are now providing.

Policies can be purchased on behalf of MediSpas who host the Cosmetic/Medical Services or by the doctor, nurse, aestheticians or anyone who can legally operate within their state.

We can cover the entire facility or individuals operating in single or multiple locations. Workers Comp (in most states) and Cyber Protection are also available.


  • Blepharoplasty Insurance
  • Body Contouring / Cellulite Reduction
  • Botox Insurance
  • Colon Hydrotherapy Insurance
  • Dermal Fillers Insurance
  • Dietitians and Wellness Analysis Insurance
  • Dysport Insurance
  • Endovenous Treatment Insurance
  • Hair Restoration Insurance
  • hCG Insurance
  • Hormone Treatments Insurance
  • IPL Insurance
  • Laser Insurance
  • Laser / Vaser Assisted Liposuction Insurance
  • LED Insurance
  • Medical Assistant Insurance
  • Medical Director Insurance Coverage
  • Medical Peels Insurance
  • Mesotherapy Insurance
  • Microdermabrasion Insurance
  • Permanent Cosmetics Insurance
  • PRP Insurance
  • Radio Frequency Insurance
  • Sclerotherapy Insurance
  • Silhouette Lift Insurance
  • Tumescent Liposuction Insurance
  • Vitamin Injectables Insurance
  • Wart Removal Insurance
  • Weight Loss Insurance
  • Xeomin Insurance


  • Botox, Dysport & Xeomin - including off label use. Coverage for Botox & Dysport can also be extended for the treatment of migraines, hyperhidrosis, and masseters.
  • Dermal Fillers that are FDA Approved including PRP/Selphyl
  • Vitamins - B12, B Complex, Chromium, Glycine, Amino Acids, Vitamin-C
  • Mesotherapy
  • Hormone Treatments


  • hCG
  • Phentermine
  • Phendimetrazine
  • Lipotropics
  • Didrex
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Dietitian Services
  • Wellness Analysis


  • Facials & Peels
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Wax Removal
  • Massage
  • Body Wraps

Medical Spas have become a billion dollar a year industry. Because the industry offers clients minimally invasive medical procedures in a relaxed, spa-like enviroment, instead of having to go to a doctor's office, medi-spas have become the choice for many. Trendy and chic spas have been opening up all across the country. In fact, from 2005 to 2010 the medical spa industry grew from around 450 spas to almost 2,000 spas in just those five years. With more spas and more clients comes added risk and liability.

It comes as no surprise that along with the dramatic growth of the medical spa industry, we've also seen an increase in the number of lawsuits filed each year against spas for errors and injuries incurred during a procedure. A large portion of the lawsuits filed have been as a result of laser procedures where there have been severe burns and scarring. These types of injuries happen and these cases are on the rise and will continue to be so.

We completely understand the unique requirements of this industry, and our insurance products are competitively priced and designed specifically to meet the needs of the industry.

Download the MediSpa Application

We provide insurance for the following:

  • Vape Shops
  • Hooka Lounges
  • Cigarette / Cigar Shops
  • General Liability
  • Building Coverage
  • Business Personal Property / Inventory Including Theft
  • Loss of Business Income
  • Signs
  • Glass
  • Workers Comp (in most states)

Limits to 2 million

Offered in all states, except for MS, AL and WV

If you don't see the type of services you offer listed above, contact our office to see if we can consider.

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